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Inspiring Your Journey: Meet the Mentors

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Wael Al-Sayegh: Strengthening A Nation

Wael Al-Sayegh embarked on a kettlebell strength training journey to improve his longevity as a martial arts student and instructor. Kettlebell training not only alleviated his long-standing knee, shoulder, and lower back issues from years of sparring but also brought him an unparalleled sense of tranquility.

This newfound strength has not only made him a better teacher, husband, father, and business owner but also ignited his passion to share these benefits with his community. Wael established Strong Nomads as a focal point for StrongFirst and Kult Fitness in his area, offering others the opportunity to experience the transformative power of strength training.

Founder and StrongFirst Certified Instructor

Training Credentials (Past & Present) StrongFirst Certified Instructor (SFG, SFG II, SFL), FMS, Reps UAE L.3, TAD 0-13, Tacfit, FlowFit, Clubbell Athletics.

Meet Martine Kerr: StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor

Martine Kerr is a seasoned fitness expert with over 25 years of experience. She's a StrongFirst Certified Senior Instructor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Martine's fitness journey began with kettlebell training in 2007, leading to her certification as a kettlebell instructor in 2010. She's a respected member of the StrongFirst teaching team, setting high certification standards worldwide.

Aside from coaching, Martine offers strategic marketing and business guidance to fellow coaches, leveraging her MBA in strategic and content marketing. With skills in photography, design, and Adobe CC, Martine brings a multifaceted approach to her work, all driven by her passion for changing lives through strength and fitness.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Training Credentials (Present & Past): StrongFirst® Certified Elite (SFG, SFG II, SFL, SFB). FMS. CFSC. Flexible Steel. Yoga Tune Up®. Roll Model Method. YogaFit. WCO. MBA. 

Atheer Aranki: Pioneering Strength Training for  Women

As the General Manager of a bustling industrial ice factory in Dubai, Atheer Aranki juggles daily challenges in production, finance, sales, and human resources. Finding time for fitness amid her professional, motherly, and wifely roles proved challenging, with gym memberships and personal trainers yielding no success.

However, her life took a transformative turn when she discovered kettlebell strength training at her son's martial arts school. Committed to becoming a coach, she pursued her StrongFirst certification, becoming the first Jordanian to attain it. This newfound strength empowers her to manage life's complexities. Atheer's passion lies in empowering Arab women through strength training, creating a supportive community like her experience with Strong Nomads.

Community Director and StrongFirst Certified Instructor

Training Credentials (Past & Present) StrongFirst Certified Instructor (SFG)-FMS.

Education to Empowerment: Nel Calina's  Journey

Transitioning from a career in education consulting, Nel Calina now champions kettlebell and barbell strength training as the key to empowering Dubai's youth. This transformative approach helps them confidently navigate the transition into adulthood, fostering strength, health, and assertiveness.

Personally, Nel has found strength training to be the catalyst for a fulfilling career, a strong body, enhanced focus, and unwavering resilience. Working with Strong Nomads, an Emirati family-owned business, Nel contributes to Dubai's youth development, prioritizing their well-being through fitness. Outside of work, Nel enjoys outdoor activities and quality time with his spouse.

Youth Director and Strongfirst Certified Instructor.

Training Creditable (Past and Present) Reps UAE L3, SFG, International Muay Thai Association Kru (teacher)

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